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Tax Credits and Rebates

We all want to save some money. When it comes to your heating and cooling equipment, though, that can seem hard to do. We want you to get quality products, great service, and the right price, from installation through to your monthly payments. That’s why we specialize in securing the absolute highest Xcel Energy Rebates in the market.

Xcel customers may qualify for major rebates on new or trade-in heating and cooling equipment as well as water heaters. You may also be eligible for a federal tax credit, manufacturer rebates, or bonus rebates from Xcel. We can help you find and apply for these savings and more, so you can save as much as possible (on top of our fair prices). Contact Southwest Heating and Cooling to see if you qualify for energy rebates in Littleton, CO!

Xcel Energy Rebates

On top of our best price points, we encourage our customers to find out if they qualify for rebates. We can help you throughout that process. Here’s what you should know about rebates for Xcel Energy customers.

Heating, air conditioning, or water heating equipment must be installed by a qualified contractor in your primary residence. For most equipment, the rebate amount is based on the efficiency rating of the product installed. We can provide a Manufacturer’s Certification Statement for the equipment installed in order to qualify, and we will keep it for your records.

Xcel Energy Natural Gas Rebates

Xcel Energy natural gas customers qualify for a $300 rebate on new furnaces with a 95% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating or greater. During the colder months, homeowners who replace a furnace may be entitled to a $450 bonus rebate as well. Xcel Energy electric customers may qualify for a $100 rebate for upgrading to a variable–speed (ECM) motor for the furnace blower.

As much as half of your energy and fuel bill goes toward heating and cooling. Keep in mind that you’ll also save on the cost of heating your home, which adds to those rebates!

Xcel Energy Rebates for ACs and Heat Pumps

New systems and trade–in equipment are eligible for rebates through Xcel Energy based on a tier system. The higher the efficiency, the better the rebate! Energy efficiency is represented by the SEER rating (seasonal energy efficiency ratio), which must be 14.5 or higher, as well as the EER (energy efficiency ratio). Here’s how this works when you upgrade your air conditioning equipment or heat pump.

  • Tier 1 – SEER 15/EER 12.5 System
    • New Equipment: $350
    • Trade–In: $500
    • Maximum Rebate: $850
  • Tier 2 – SEER 16/EER 13 System
    • New Equipment: $500
    • Trade–In: $500
    • Maximum Rebate: $1000
  • Tier 3 – SEER 17/EER 13 System
    • New Equipment: $650
    • Trade–In: $500
    • Maximum Rebate: $1150

Eligible residential customers must purchase natural gas directly from Xcel Energy and live in Colorado. Rebate levels are subject to change without notice at any time. Certain restrictions may apply.

Whether you’re replacing an old heating unit or building a new home, let our rebates help reduce the cost of buying an energy–efficient unit and help save our natural resources. Contact our team today and you could qualify for rebates in Littleton, CO of up to $1150!