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Call Us for Furnace Repair If…

natural-gas-burners-bright-blue-flamesDo you know when to call for furnace repair? A lot of homeowners don’t. We don’t blame you either. We understand how many things you have to keep track of on daily basis, it probably isn’t likely that you’re cuddling up to the fire after a long day out in the cold to crack open a book about HVAC technology. If you need to know what the signs of a furnace repair need are, then make sure to contact our team.

We specialize in furnace repair in Littleton, CO. We understand the specific needs of homeowners here and how to keep your home warm throughout winter.

Signs You Need Furnace Repair

If you’re experiencing these problems with your heating system, make sure to call us.

Something Smells Off

If your furnace system is starting to decline, a really common sign that it’s having trouble is any funny scents coming from your system. So what’s a “funny” scent? Common ones are something like dust, plastic, or rubber burning. This is normally something that’s indicative of a loose or damaged part. Try replacing your air filter first but if the odd scents persist then try to call a professional.

You’re Hearing Odd Noises

Noticing any odd noises? Anything other than the soft, unobtrusive sound of air rushing through the vents is your home is “odd” under these circumstances. Common sounds that indicate trouble are clanking, banging, or screeching noises. It’s more than likely a sign that there are bigger problems on the horizon. An unusual noise can indicate a lot of things like a loose part or a faulty venting system.

Hot and Cold Spots

Notice that there are hot and cold spots throughout your home? This is a big sign that you’re having trouble with your furnace and that you need repair services. Check to make sure that all your ducts are open and unblocked by any furnishings in your home. If they are clear then you’re having trouble with your heater. Call for repair before this problem accelerates into a full-fledged breakdown.

High Energy Bills

Have you noticed that your heating bill is a little high each month? If you see a huge jump in your energy costs throughout winter it’s more than likely a symptom of a problem with your heating system. Your heating bill should never rise unnecessarily. If this is happening to you it’s more than likely that it’s a mounting problem in your system. Remaining proactive with your heating system will help you avoid an expensive and costly breakdown.

We Can Handle All Your Heating Repair Needs

We’ve served the South-Metro Denver area for the past 45 years. We’ve taken the time throughout the years to reflect on our own work and perfect our craft. We’re committed to customer satisfaction first and foremost—we’ll never put our own personal financial gain over our integrity. We’re experts in everything heating, air conditioning, and IAQ. When you need help with your furnace system, contact us.

If you need great furnace repair services then make sure that you contact Southwest Heating and Cooling today.

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