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The Top Causes of Furnace Repair

BurnerIf you could avoid expensive furnace repairs, wouldn’t you? We can help you. Your furnace doesn’t fail overnight, a furnace fails because of little problems accumulating over time. Our professional technicians can help repair your system and lead you in the right direction.

While the right knowledge about your system is helpful, you might have previous problems that still need repair. When you need furnace system repairs, you need the help of a professional for your home. If you need furnace repair here in Littleton, CO we have the right team for you. Here are the top reasons you’ll run into a furnace repair problem.

A Lack of Maintenance

Do you skip annual maintenance? If you do, you’re pushing your system toward a breakdown. A professional should look at your system every year. This is so important because a professional has the expertise and the eye to look at your furnace and detect any issues while they’re still low priority rather than system threatening malfunctions. When you address these problems early, you save yourself the stress of dealing with a system breakdown and money.

Wear and Tear

How old is your furnace system? The average furnace will last you about a decade but if you’re not maintaining your system well, it will be much shorter. Unless you’re keeping a furnace in your home for show, it’s bound to incur some wear and tear throughout the heating season. The best way to offset regularly occurring wear and tear is through annual maintenance. Our professional technicians have the time, skill, and tools you need to keep your system in shape.

A Bad Thermostat

Pay close attention to your furnace. This is an aspect of your HVAC system that so many homeowners seem to blatantly ignore. If your thermostat is out of whack, then it will affect your entire HVAC system. You should upgrade your thermostat when you upgrade your HVAC system. If you’re unsure if your thermostat needs to be upgraded, have one of our professionals assess your system.

Running the System Poorly

When we tell our customers that they might be running their system poorly many are confused. Most homeowners think of their heating system as pretty self-explanatory, however, you should be mindful of how you run your system.

Do you come home from a cold Colorado day and crank your thermostat up to a high temperature? Many homeowners do with their reasoning being that a super high thermostat setting will help their home heat a lot faster. This is a common misconception. When you set your thermostat to a high setting, your home won’t heat faster, it will just heat for longer trying to reach the thermostat setting. Instead of straining your system this way, set your home’s temperature to a reasonable heating temperature and give your system time to warm your home.

If you want to avoid furnace repairs, apply our tips above in your home. If you need furnace repair services from a great team, contact Southwest Heating and Cooling today.

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