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How to Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

Service technician with a customer. Plumbers, electricians, cable repair, etc.Your water heater is an expensive investment for your home so when you buy this system you want it to last. Make sure that you’re getting the most from your water heater. Winter conditions here in Littleton make it even harder to get the most from your system. Luckily, there are many simple things that you can do to boost your system efficiency, extend the overall lifespan, and save yourself from a headache. If you need service for your water heater in Littleton, CO then make sure to contact our team. If you’d like to know simple ways to extend the lifespan of your water heater then keep reading below.

How Long Your Water Heater Should Last You

Your water heater is an appliance in your home that works hard for your comfort. You use you water heater every single day, so it accounts for nearly 17% of your home’s energy usage. It consumes more energy than all your other household appliances combined. A water heater should last you anywhere from 10 to 20 years as long as you schedule regular maintenance appointments.

Here’s how you can increase the lifespan of your water heater:

Annual Maintenance

Your water heater needs annual maintenance. This might be something that you might be surprised by, but the annual maintenance of a water heater will help keep your water heater working well throughout its lifetime. Water heater maintenance needs a flush. Even here in Colorado, we experience hard water (water with a high amount of mineral content) in our municipal water supply.

Hard water is a problem because as it enters your tank, it has the opportunity to settle at the bottom of the tank. When your water heater heats up or cools off, sediments that’s settled at the bottom of your tank has the chance to harden and settle. Any sediment collecting at the bottom of your tank reduces the capacity of your water heater. Flushing your tank gives you the opportunity to clear out all this sediment and increase the capacity of your water heater.

Pay Attention to Your Anode Rod

Your anode rod is a piece of metal that goes into your tank and helps stop or slow down the process of corrosion that would cause the tank to rust. This process of prevention actually causes your anode rod itself to rust away. Make sure that you always check on the status of your anode rod for this reason. If your anode rod is looking like it’s seen better days, contact our team and let us help you replace it. This feature of your water heater is incredibly important.

Why Choose Our Team at Southwest Heating & Cooling?

You should choose our team because we’re committed to excellence. Throughout the past 45 years, we’ve become one of the leading HVAC companies in the South Metro area—this isn’t by accident. We work hard to understand the needs of our customers and provide personalized, top-tier service in Littleton and the surrounding area.

If you need water heater services, contact Southwest Heating & Cooling today to schedule an appointment.

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