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Make Sure You Schedule Water Heater Maintenance This Year

tank-water-heaterThe average lifespan of a water heater is anywhere from 8 to 12 years but if you could potentially prolong this lifespan, wouldn’t you? Routine maintenance is the best way to ensure that your system lasts. If you haven’t given your water heater the attention it requires recently, make sure you schedule a service this year.

Our team at Southwest Heating and Cooling are prepared to handle any water heater issues you may have. Call us this year to have your Littleton, CO water heater flushed, inspected, and maintained so you stay comfortable all year round, and read on to learn the benefits of such a service:

Increase Efficiency

Here in Littleton, we have “hard water.” Hard water is something that many homeowners experience across Colorado, it’s water that’s high in minerals like calcium and magnesium. Your water heater experiences sediment build-up because this water enters your system and the minerals settle at the bottom of your tank during the heating process. This mineral sediment doesn’t harm your health, but a deep layer of sediment displaces water, consequently reducing the amount of hot water available for your use. It also has the potential to clog your drain valve affecting the efficiency of your water heater or slow the heat transfer and overheat the bottom of the tank. Overheating weakens the tank’s lining and causes further issues. Routine maintenance includes a service technician coming out and flushing your water heater out and cleaning the interior.

Avoid Surprises

Surprises are great for birthdays or anniversaries, but in your shower,  you want things to remain routine. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t notice that there’s an issue with their water heater until it’s causing a tangible issue in their home. You don’t want to wait until you’re in the middle of an unpleasantly icy shower to think to call a plumber. Having routine water heater maintenance decreases the likelihood of breakdowns. A service professional notices subtle issues likes leaks and corrosion before they become major problems. Routine maintenance prevents any surprises.

When to Schedule A Service

You should get a water heater tune-up at least once a year, but it ultimately depends on more personal factors like the state of your water heater and your area’s water supply. Here in Littleton, our municipal water supply is standard, so the longevity of your system depends upon maintenance. With the right maintenance, your water heater will remain clean and operate immaculately. You need the right team to ensure that your water heater runs well. At Southwest Heating and Cooling, our NATE-certified technicians both service and install water heaters. You can rely on us to provide the best service possible.

Have Southwest Heating and Cooling Help

At Southwest Heating and Cooling, we’re a locally owned business so we understand the needs of Colorado homes. We’ve served the South-Metro Denver Area for 45 years and have consistently put customer satisfaction first and foremost since day one. Your comfort is our top priority.

If you’re looking to have water heater maintenance done, you can rely on our responsible team. Contact us today to schedule a service.

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