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Signs You Need a New Water Heater

tank-water-heaterWater heaters don’t last forever, no matter how well you take care of them. If you’ve had your water heater for a while, you might be wondering when exactly you should replace it. You obviously don’t want to replace it too early and waste money, but you also don’t want to be without hot water for a number of days when the system dies on you.

The best way to tell whether or not your water heater is in need of replacement is to consult with a professional technician, since they’ll be able to accurately assess what condition your water heater is in. Before you call your technician, though, take a look at these signs that your system is ready to be replaced.

Chronic Difficulty Providing Hot Water

The older your water heater gets, the more efficiency it will lose to wear and tear. As the system’s efficiency declines, you may notice that it has more and more trouble providing enough hot water for your needs. If your water heater can’t even provide you with enough hot water to do the dishes, or take a shower, then it’s probably time to install a new system. You’ll need to talk to a professional to make sure, though.

Frequent Breakdowns

Water heaters break down every once in a while, just like most things, but you shouldn’t need to repair your system more than once every few years. If your water heater is breaking down multiple times a year, it’s probably getting pretty close to the end of its life. The wear and tear on the system has reached a point where parts of it are failing in groups. It will only get more expensive to maintain the water heater from there. You’re better off installing a new one than replacing your old one a single part at a time.

Old Age

Most of the issues that end up resulting in water heater replacement are not big, catastrophic problems. They’re simply the result of old age and wear. Once a water heater gets to be around 10-15 years old, it will start to deal with all kinds of chronic issues like those discussed above. The older the water heater gets, the more it will cost to keep it operating. If your water heater is older than 15 years, it is pretty likely that you would be better off installing an entirely new system than spending more money on having your current one patched up over and over again.

Again, before you make any decisions about whether or not to replace your water heater, we highly recommend that you talk to a professional in person. You might be able to get a few more years of use out of your system, with proper care, or you might need to replace it as soon as possible. Best to get a professional opinion, either way.

Southwest Heating and Cooling installs and services water heaters of all kinds in Littleton, CO. If you need a new water heater installed in your home, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals.  

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