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Top Signs You Need to Repair Your Water Heater

Portrait of a smiling plumber at workA lot of homeowners don’t know there’s something wrong with their water heater until it’s completely out of commission. Wouldn’t you like to intervene and repair your water heater before it’s run into the ground? Don’t wait until you’re in an ice-cold shower to think to call for professional help.

Do you need help determining the signs that your water heater needs repair services? We’ve listed some of the warning signs of impending water heater trouble below. If you need water heater repair here in Littleton, CO then contact our team today.

Popping, Cracking, or Rumbling Noises

An odd noise coming from your water heater is always a clear sign that you need repairs. Popping or rumbling noises are common problem noises that come from a tank water heater system and it typically a sign that you need repair services. It’s a sign that mineral deposits have built up and caused the appliance to overheat while it works to keep your water hot. This type of problem is an easy fix with repair services. Sediment build-up that causes these noises can also be kept at bay with routine maintenance with water heater flushing.

A Leaking Tank

This one might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised. One of the biggest signs of a need for repairs is your water heater leaking. Even if the leak seems small or inconsequential, it’s a reason to call for a professional. This is a sign that the inner tank of your water heater has deteriorated and needs prompt repair services. We’ll provide the best services for you here at Southwest Heating and Cooling.

Lukewarm Water

Your water heater should always keep your water hot. Some homeowners don’t notice that the temperature of the water in their home has declined or if they do, they simply chalk it up to another reason other than dysfunction or try to ignore it. But you don’t have to deal with lukewarm water temperatures in your home.

This is usually an early sign that you have a big problem with your water heater. Have a professional team service your system as soon as possible.

Odd Smell or Taste

If your turn on your hot water tap and notice an odd metallic smell or taste in your water, then it’s a sign that your water heater needs servicing. An odd metallic taste or smell is in direct correlation with sediment buildup in your hot water tank. Sediment settles in your tank because the water from your municipality carries minerals like calcium and magnesium in it. If it accumulates to a high level, then the grit and flakes from the tank will make their way into your water causing a metallic taste or smell.

Don’t wait to address this problem, the sediment build-up in this system isn’t necessarily a danger to your health but it is a big problem with the efficiency of your system and could cause a full system breakdown if you let it persist.

Do you need water heater repair? Contact our amazing team here at Southwest Heating and Cooling sooner than later. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

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