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Commercial Indoor Air Quality Services in Littleton, CO

Most of us know that comfort isn’t all about the temperature in the air. We just may not think about other elements of comfort until they start to cause a problem. Indoor air quality is a huge issue in most buildings in the country. The quality of the air inside can be up to 5 times worse than the quality of the air outdoors, made worse as you run the heating and air conditioning equipment in the building.

However, it might be difficult to notice when indoor air quality is a problem in your building. Don’t take your chances! Keep tenants, employees, and clients healthy and happy with indoor air quality services in Littleton, CO from Southwest Heating and Cooling.

Commercial Air Filters and Filtration Systems

A commercial air filter should be replaced every few months, but this may still not provide the level of filtration your building needs. Upgrade your system with a HEPA (high–efficiency particulate air) filter or one with a high MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). We’ll make sure it’s the right fit for your commercial HVAC system!

Electronic and UV Air Purifiers

An electronic air purifier may be able to demobilize more contaminants of a smaller size than the standard filter. Thanks to ionizing technology, charged particles cling to a surface within the system instead of remaining airborne, which means they won’t spread to your building.

Another option we love is the UV air purifier. This is used in research labs and hospitals across the country, as well as all kinds of businesses, because it keeps the air healthy. Ultraviolet light is able to kill germs on contact, preventing the spread of illness.

HRVs and ERVs

A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) solves the problem many buildings have with stale air. Recycling the same air over and over again makes the rooms feel stuffy, and you cannot exactly open a window to solve the problem when it’s freezing outside. An HRV lets in fresh air while preheating it (or precooling it) before it moves onto the property. An ERV (energy recovery ventilator) takes this to the next level by maintaining humidity levels in the building as well as temperature.

Commercial Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Our commercial humidifiers and dehumidifiers add comfort to the entire building by connecting with your HVAC equipment. A humidifier can help to alleviate health issues caused by dry winter air, and may help to protect valuables in the building from damage. A dehumidifier helps with climate control in the summer and may prevent the buildup of mold and mildew.

Repairs for All Commercial Indoor Air Quality Systems

We can provide repairs for any make or model of indoor air quality system for your commercial property in Littleton, CO. Commercial indoor air quality systems work differently than many residential systems, so be sure to contact commercial HVAC specialists whenever you need service.

We are the team to trust with all of your commercial HVAC needs. Contact our team for healthier air, better comfort, and happier residents, tenants, and employees.