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Commercial Packaged Rooftop Units in Littleton, CO

Commercial air conditioners and heaters are huge, taking up several yards of space—and yet you rarely see one on a platform near a commercial building. That’s because commercial AC and heating equipment can be installed somewhere shoppers, tenants, and others don’t have to deal with them—on the rooftop. And Southwest Heating and Cooling can install or repair your commercial rooftop unit in Littleton, CO.

Commercial packaged rooftop units are reliable and durable but still require proper maintenance to run in good condition. When you need a new commercial unit, or if you need maintenance or commercial HVAC services, reach out to our friendly team. We can get you started on the path to a more comfortable property, with service technicians who treat your building with respect.

About Commercial Packaged Rooftop Units

Commercial packaged rooftop units, also known as packaged units or rooftop units, combine all of the components of your heating and air conditioning equipment into a single cabinet located, of course, on the rooftop. Most commercial rooftop units are heat pumps—refrigerated systems that provide heating and air conditioning in one.

Typically, an air conditioner or heat pump is a split system, meaning the indoor air handler is completely separate from the outside condenser unit. In a packaged system, though, the unit connects directly to ducts in the ceiling of the building, which then lead throughout the property—no need for a separate indoor installation.

The Benefits of Packaged Rooftop Units

This type of setup is popular for a reason. Most commercial properties can benefit from a packaged rooftop unit (and some homes can as well). Here’s why building owners and managers love their commercial rooftop units.

  • Easy Maintenance – All of the main components of the system are in one location, which makes commercial HVAC repairs and maintenance go a lot faster.
  • Out of the Way – When you need service, you don’t have to worry about technicians going in and out of your building and disrupting the day. Of course, quality technicians will try to avoid this either way, but a packaged rooftop unit certainly helps!
  • Modular – Most packaged heat pumps are modular, meaning you can add to them (or take away from them) as needed as your business changes and grows.

Our Packaged HVAC System Services

We provide complete services for commercial HVAC units—packaged, split systems, and boilers—throughout the South Metro area. Whatever you need to keep your property comfortable, we do it in a timely manner and make sure your equipment operates efficiently and safely.

  • Commercial Packaged Rooftop Unit Repairs
  • Packaged System Replacements and Upgrades
  • Zoning and Temperature Controls
  • Routine Maintenance Services

We also offer an excellent maintenance package to our preferred clients to ensure the system stays in good condition. We can visit your property 4 times a year, as this is optimal for system performance and to prevent breakdowns. As a thank you for signing up for our commercial HVAC maintenance program, you become a priority customer and we offer a 10% discount on future services!