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Home Heating Services in Littleton, CO

Where would we be without central heating in Littleton, CO? We would have to spend our nights huddled around a fireplace or bundled up near portable plug-in heaters. These are costly ways to stay warm, in terms of your bills—and of course, you’d much prefer your whole home to be warm and cozy. For that, you’ll need a good team of heating system technicians.

That’s where we come in. Southwest Heating and Cooling installs and services whole-house heating systems, including boilers, furnaces, heat pumps, and more. We can install and service the accessories and parts that make your heater work the way you want, like the thermostat or zoning system. With NATE-certified technicians on the job and elite Trane Comfort Specialists here for your next installation, you can count on us! We’ve been in the business for 45 years.

Our Heating Systems

As elite Trane Comfort Specialist Platinum Level dealers, we feel confident that you’ll love your new heater. In fact, we guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied with your system and service. We can even help you secure Xcel energy rebates and we offer flexible, easy–to–qualify financing.

Here are the types of systems we install. We can service any make or model!

  • Boilers – A boiler is perhaps the most comforting way to get heat into your home. Radiant heating allows the heat to fill the room, transferring directly to the people and objects in it. You’ll need a hot water boiler, along with a set of pipes and pumps to move water around—but the efficiency and comfort are often worth it.
  • Furnaces – These are the most popular heaters in the country, partly due to their low cost of installation, but also because they have proven themselves to be reliable. A furnace heats the air with gas burners or electric heating elements before moving it to the rest of the home through the ducts, and pairs well with any central air conditioner.
  • Heat Pumps – This is actually an air conditioner with the ability to heat your home. It’s one of the most efficient ways to heat a home with electricity (rather than natural gas), as it only moves heat from place to place rather than generating heat. You can have a heat pump that uses the ductwork or a ductless system, which involves putting indoor units high up on walls throughout the house.
  • Dual Fuel Systems – If you are stuck deciding between a gas furnace and an electric heat pump, you’re in luck! A dual–fuel system combines the two for automated efficiency and comfort.

Our Heating Services in Littleton, CO

As a NATE–certified heating contractor, we are happy to help with your heating system needs, whether or not we installed it in the first place. We offer 24–hour emergency heating repairs, with priority service to our maintenance customers. Our experts have many years of experience, and can diagnose a problem quickly and get started on heating repairs as soon as possible. If it turns out you need a heating system replacement, we will not use pushy sales techniques, and will make sure your new system fits your home and budget.

If you have a gas heating system, it’s important to have it inspected each and every year, in case of potential carbon monoxide or fire risks. In fact, any heating system should be fine–tuned each year so it can perform as efficiently as possible. Our heating maintenance program ensures you get two tune–ups a year, as well as special discounts for heating repairs in Littleton, CO. Contact Southwest Heating and Cooling to learn more!