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Boiler Systems and Service in Littleton, CO

If you have a boiler, you know that it delivers some of the best in comfort you could ask for. You also know that the boiler is a bit complex, requiring properly maintained pressure levels, temperatures, and even water treatment, something that the average homeowner is not trained to deal with. Keep your boiler in good condition by scheduling heating services with the highly qualified, NATE-certified technicians at Southwest Heating and Cooling.

We have been providing heating system and boiler services in Littleton, CO since 1973. Call us for your boiler repair and maintenance needs, services for your pipes and radiators, or to install a brand new boiler system. We will make sure your system is properly sized and installed so you have comfortable winters for decades to come. Give us a call to schedule boiler services in Littleton, CO and the surrounding area.

The Comfort of Radiant Heating

Boilers are unlike any other comfort system there is. Usually, a system must heat the air in order to move that heat around the home. A boiler heats water, which in turn moves around the home, directly heating the floors, objects, and people in a room. This is known as radiant heating.

After we install a new boiler system, our customers in Littleton, CO tell us that it’s unlike anything they’ve ever had in their homes before. Air can easily and quickly lose its heat, and water retains heat quite well, meaning boilers deliver heat to a home efficiently as well.

Boilers Are Tough and Efficient

Boilers often carry high efficiency ratings because, unlike furnaces, they are not likely to lose much heat as the tank is heated and hot water moves around the home. Heat fills a room faster than with forced–air furnaces, so less fuel and energy is required to keep a room warm. Look for a boiler with an AFUE (Annual Fuel Efficiency Utilization) rating of 90 or higher, and you should notice dramatic differences in your monthly bills!

Another major benefit to boilers is that they are so durable. You may have heard that boilers don’t need much maintenance. While this is true for many, we still recommend annual inspections. With proper care, your boiler should last a couple of decades, a lifespan that far surpasses that of the average furnace.

We Service All Boiler Components

We are proud to offer services for all boiler components of all makes and models. If a single radiator or baseboard heater stops working, we can come out and repair or replace the circulator pump or any other vital component.

Our Boiler Repairs and Maintenance Service

We offer service for all boilers, even those we did not install originally, 24 hours a day if needed. A heating system emergency does not always happen when it’s convenient to call in a technician (during regular office hours). We think that shouldn’t matter. You need heat to get through the nights during winter in Littleton, CO, and we are here to help.

Routine boiler service is a great way to prevent problems from occurring in the first place. With our annual AC and heating maintenance program, a technician can check on your system once or twice a year and fine–tune it for better efficiency and performance. Contact our team in Littleton, CO today to sign up!